Dolina craft beer is a craft beer inspired by the archaeological sites that houses the Sierra de Atapuerca , in Burgos (Spain) . It is the result of the desire to search the man and the certainty that there is always something to discover.Craft beer Dolina is designed to become a "markedly experiential and intuitive as the real work of the archaeologist, which seeks without the certainty that the product will DISCOVERING something."

It all starts in the summer of 2013 when two friends decided to start their quest in the business world within a sector known for his studies in addition to its penchant for making his own beer.Thus DOLINA born as an exciting project, young entrepreneurs concerned to develop a craft and naturally a beer with character, giving free rein to their skills and imagination to create recipes that contain emblematic and original features.We are a company that epitomizes entrepreneurship, celebrates every day, and embodied in everything he does.

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