Tasting Rum Collins Cocktail with Granadilla Old Rum - Stand 4F40-2 (E6) - EXTREMADURA

Cocktails tasting in Granadilla Rum Stand (4F40-2 E6)

The name of Granadilla Rum comes from Tierras de Granadilla (Zarza de Granadilla, Cáceres, Extremadura, Spain), the place where the company that creates and designs this sweet sugar cane elixir is located. In and around Tierras de Granadilla cultures and traditions that have persevered until now are maintained. The guaranty of this heritage conservation is extended by Granadilla Rum, which intends to reflect the values of continuity, tradition and know-how maintained by the inhabitants in this area for centuries.

Characteristics of Granadilla Aged Rum:

View: Golden copper colour provided by the supply of sugars from wood and lignin from the oak barrels.

Nose: Aromas of fresh fruit, grape, prune and toasted wood. Also light notes of vanilla, unequivocal symbol of the rum aging in high quality barrels.

Mouth: Sweet at the start that changes to toasted wood. Silky, with spicy finish on the palate that together with a soft astringency, provides the rum with balance, roundness and structure.

Ideal to drink mixed or on the rocks.


Bronze Medal in Berlin International Spirits Competition 2017


Cerex Brewing Company, considered by consumers in Spain the Best Craft Beer of Spain 2015, is the first brewery in Extremadura since the demise of beer “El Águila” in 1985. This small family business was founded in 2013 by the professional brewers Marcos Rubio and Alfonso Vallejo, both agronomists, and has won several awards at national and international level, as the Superior Taste Award in Brussels, which have been awarded for three consecutive years 5 Golden Stars that certify to Cerex beer as the most awarded craft beer of the World.


Granadilla is an old walled town, of feudal origin, located in the north of the province of Cáceres (Extremadura, Spain). Granadilla Rum is the result of the selection of the best sugar canes, fermented and distilled under controlled temperature. A slow process that is completed with the ripening cycle in oak barrels for 18 months, that contributes to the aroma and characteristic taste of this rum.

Ideal to drink mixed or on the rocks.

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