• Exhibitor: CECINAS PABLO
  • Brand name: CRUCHIPS
  • Sector: SNACKS
  • Innovation Area

CRUCHIPS BARBECUE - THE MEAT SNACK OF FLAVORS At last a high protein snack that helps you take care of yourself. Made with thin sheets of spicy beef and with a very crispy texture that will not leave you indifferent. "TASTE BARBECUE" Do not hesitate to try it and it will become your favorite snack.

The origins of Cecinas Pablo go back to Cárnicas Pabo, a butcher's shop in Astorga. Since they could not find traditionally made cecina and other cured meats locally, they started producing them in the basement of their establishment. In 1993, Cecinas Pablo started its activity as a Brand in new facilities. Since then, as a result of constant growth in both the domestic and international markets, the Factory has undergone two further extensions.