Sardine Anchovy

  • Exhibitor: CASA SANTOÑA
  • Brand name: Casa Santoña
We keep our sardines in brine, ripening for a couple of years, and then make the anchovy and despair as if it were an anchovy.
Casa Santoña is a family business spanning three generations dedicated to producing high-quality gourmet preserves, especially anchovies. Our unique style of preparation has been passed down from generation to generation, always with the goal of seeking excellence in the final product.Since the inception of the brand, we have been obsessed with the quality of the basic ingredients as well as perfecting the development process of our products. We define ourselves by the care we give to each piece, the manual and artisanal processes that ensure the best possible product, and the passion our entire team has for the work we do. For this reason our gourmet products, especially our Cantabrian anchovies, are recognised as among the best on the market.