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In Carnes y Embutidos Hércules, s.l. we have two primary and indispensable experiences that support us, the first our customers, whom we owe and pampered with the greatest care, the second, the experience in the manufacture of sausages and other meat products for more than 25 years.

At first Carnes y Embutidos Hércules,  sl, was established as a family business, but over time, to respond to the great demand for our products and its careful preparation, in 2001 we built a new factory, the Latest technology vanguard, thus responding to the demands of the market, while maintaining that, the premise of a traditional elaboration.

We have a highly qualified and highly experienced personnel in the sector, for the elaboration of our products we make a rigorous selection of all our raw materials, which is reflected in the quality, care and flavor of our wide catalog.These factors allow us to reach the quotas and needs of the current market both nationally and internationally.

We cover a wide range of customers, from small food stores to large supermarkets and commercial areas, with a personalized treatment to their needs. In the same way we keep a constant and direct follow-up of all the requests of our customers delivery, presentation, packaging and most importantly, that traditional "flavor" at the forefront of the new times.