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Delicious traditional and innovative jams: Colombian coffee, tomato, black figs, carrot, fruits of the forest, melon and watermelon, kiwi and banana, lemon, apple, bilberry...

In CAN BECH we elaborate PREMIUM fruit canning: jams, jellies, figs in syrup, sweet sauces to pair with cheese, Mediterranean sauces and chutneys. 

We elaborate our jams, sauces and chutneys following the traditional recipes and choosing the best ingredients. Our products are designed to bring imagination and creativity to kitchen lovers and as an ideal complement to give color and flavor to any recipe, sauce or dessert. We only use natural ingredients, without preservatives or colouring.

GBECH 4 GAMA: High Range Precooked products. Designed for kitchens of the highest culinary level looking for top quality products. We rely on the most modern culinary techniques to develop quality products without seasoning, with versatile presentations to be able to be finished in any type of kitchen. We have candied products, fish carpaccios, grilled vegetables , etc ...

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