En este espacio el protagonista será el café espresso. Sublime, Esmeralda y Ecológico, dan lugar a la elaboración de una carta de cafés y combinados en la que se podrán degustar elaboraciones como Vienés Hazelnut, Premium Caramel, Dolce Latte y Mocaccino Dark.              

Happy Hour. Cierra el día en nuestra Happy Hour con los coffee cocktails de nuestro maestro coctelero: Italian & Coffee y Espresso Sambuca.

Cafés Candelas is a family run business with more than 40 years  experience in the coffee sector. From the beginning as a small family business, we have been able to grow progressively and sustainably. The company experienced great development between 2007 and 2010, thanks to an expansion plan that made us leaders in the roasting and commercialization of coffee as single brand in Spain. Our growth as a company is based on the increase of annual turnover and results on a renewed and innovative range of Premium coffee along with an increasingly international presence. Hospitality channel represents most of the company sales turnover, the rest corresponds to food channel and others such as online sales, direct sales and vending. We advise our clients; we are training, service, quality and marketing. Candelas has a wide variety of courses to learn how to raise product quality with proper preparation. Every year 800 million cups of Candelas coffee are served worldwide.

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