Café en grano DISTINCIÓN

  • Exhibitor: BOU CAFÉ
  • Brand name: BOU Café
  • Sector: CAFÉ

La mezcla orígenes arábicos y robustas, tostados individualmente, revela un café equilibrado, cremoso con aromas a chocolate y especias.

•Crema : Crema duradera y brillante de color a nuez.

• Cuerpo: Equlibrado, bien estructurado e intenso.

• Aromas: A chocolate negro y  especias con toques de vainilla y mora.

• Post Gusto: Duradero donde se realzan los aromas a chocolate y vainilla.

• Con Leche: Se vuelve más dulce potenciando sus aromas a chocolate y vainilla.

BOU Café was founded in 1957.

Since  its early beginning its activity focus  on  distribution of first quality Coffee in the HORECA channel (Hotel, Restaurant and Catering).  

In 2004 BOU café inaugurates the new factory. The new roasting and packaging facilities are equipped with the most advanced technology at European level. By the end of the year BOU café begins  its expansion at  national level, marketing its products throughout Spain.  

In 2010 BOU café creates the concept of "Perfect Espresso" with the aim of offering its clients and consumers a coffee of excellent and constant  quality that provides pleasure and new sensations.

In 2013 BOU café begins  its international expansion and in 2016   inaugurates the second factory dedicated to new formats, with state of  the art technology in coffee grinding and packaging.  

Our mission

The mission of BOU café is to get the consumer to enjoy a Espresso Perfecto, a coffee of excellent and constant quality , which provides pleasure and feelings to its consumer, brings more sales to BOU café  clients  and differentiate them  from its competitors.  

Coffee Consulting Service

Bou café inaugurates this service in 2017 with a clear objective: To asses our clients to develop the right coffee offer and support them with innovative products and point of sale communication elements with the aim of increasing its ticket average  and sales.

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