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It all starts in 1997, when a group of friends and wine lovers decided to recover the old wine tradition of the “Cerrato Palentino”. Torquemada was chosen as the center of this recovery due to its historical significance. Torquemada has always had extensive vineyards and has been known as a large wine and liquor producer. Nowadays, some of the ancient underground cellars in which wine was produced and consumed by local families can still be visited. In the 19th century, Torquemada housed a renowned cellar that exported wine outside the Spanish border. In 2001 a society was formed in order to elaborate and bottle the first high quality wine from Palencia. Initially considered “Vino de la Tierra”, in April of 2007 the wine started to be considered with the Protected Denomination of Origin of ARLANZA, as well, by the mentions Food of Palencia and by the mark of guarantee Tierra de Sabor

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