Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition 2017

1 Gold Medal and 2 Silver at Catavinum World Wine & Spirits Competition 2017.

Señorío del Bierzo Godello Cepas Únicas 2013: Gold Medal

Armas de Guerra Godello 2015: Silver Medal

Armas de Guerra Crianza 2011: Silver Medal

Vinos Guerra: How an historic winery reinvents Bierzo

Vinos Guerra is one of the oldest wineries of Spain, founded in 1879, producing and selling bottled wine with our own brand right from the beginning. Everything started thanks to a real visionary, Antonio Guerra, who understood the value and potential of the vineyards of Bierzo and its indigenous grapes. He actively contributed to the vineyard renovation after phylloxera and therefore helped defining what would be the new Bierzo. Far before anyone, he applied revolutionary winemaking techniques and an emotional marketing to show the virtues of the wines from Bierzo to the world. Wines produced with old vineyards, along the Pilgrim Way to Santiago de Compostela, on sunny slopes that conceal Roman and Visigothic treasures. Today, after more than 135 years, we wanted to pay tribute to this pioneer getting back to our roots. With real respect to traditional viticulture and all our growers behind the labels, we created a new range of wines to satisfy new consumers. Wines to share on a daily basis with our family and friends. It's not a full stop, but simply a way to reinvent ourselves to continue sharing our passion for our beloved Bierzo. Wine is not what we drink. Wine is our terroir, our grapes, our growers, our roots, our values...

Wine is our life!