Eresma-La Soterraña it is placed in Olmedo town , in the county of ”Pine Land” , southern Valladolid province. Our winery belongs to D.O. RUEDA since 2006, our foundation year. Eresma-La Soterraña has 250 hectars of vineyards. Half of the grapes we elaborate are our own ; and the rest comes from other viticultors from DO Rueda. The VERDEJO grape variety is 80% of the whole vines controlled directly by the winery, also we have Sauvignon Blanc grape and viura grape.
The winery has 60 stainless steel tanks with controlled fermentation. The barrels room has controlled temperature and it is full equipped with 80 units of new French oak (90%) and American barrel (10%) which is renewed periodically, and where we ellaborate the Fermented wines on lees “sur lies” as our Eresma Barrel Fermentated.

The winery is focused on the highest technology and finds its answer of qlty, in the technical equipment, which highlights the macerating equipment and cold the storage we have, specially dedicated to the grapes. After the manual harvesting, the cold chamber allows us to offer the newly harvested grape with an exceptional cooling system and treatment before proceeding to the transformation process.

Our wines: V&R, Eresma Verdejo, Eresma Sauvignon, Eresma SemiDulce, Eresma Fermentado en Barrica, Eresma Plus y Tentazion de Eresma.

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