• Exhibitor: BODEGAS BARREDA
  • Brand name: TORRE DE BARREDA

Pañofino is single vineyard wine named after our oldest vineyard and is made with grapes solely from this vineyard.  It was planted in 1942 and it was one of the first vineyards to be planted in this area after the Spanish Civil War.   

The old vines have much larger, well established trunks and their bigger and deeper root systems retain and reserve the nutrients and are better able to cope with the irregularities of the water supply.  The older vines produce fewer grapes with smaller pips which result in a higher concentration of the flavors provided by the skin.  

Our Pañofino is a deep and concentrated wine with a characteristically high intensity on both the nose and palate.  It shows a blend of black matured fruit with mineral and spicy notes. It has been aged for 14 months in French oak barrels which gives to the wine a clear and balanced presence of oak.         

Bodegas Barreda is a modern company, whose aim is the production of quality wines, completing a process that starts in the ground and finishes with the bottle ready for sale.  At Torre de Barreda we understand wine as a universal product that embodies the cultural expression of a region, and as the spiritual compliment to food within the art of Gastronomy.

The world of wine is an exciting one, but requires a lot of patience and care: time is a crucial factor and today’s hard work and planning will take years to show rewards. At Bodegas Barreda we constantly look for improvement in our processes and our wines, on a daily basis, keeping always in mind our final objective: to express the character of our terroir.