Inaugurated in June 2003, Bodega del Abad has modern facilities and technological innovations for the development of their wines, which allow a thorough quality control of the entire process is performed as early vintage.

We have 35 hectares of vineyards, located in the most privileged area for growing vines around the Bierzo, uptown Valtuille Up and Villafranca del Bierzo. The vineyard itself consists mostly of the variety Mencia strains, with a significant representation of white grape vines Godello.

Also, a selection of wine from the best vineyards of winegrowers in the area is made, tracking of all tasks performed since the winter pruning to the harvest. During the summer a tight control of the ripening of the grapes, which lets you set the right time for the harvest, when the grapes are in optimal conditions to start the wine-making process is made.

Ground - The vineyards are located in areas of steep slope with altitude, and floors made of a mixture of fine elements, quartzite, slate.

Weather - The tortuous and the mountains of Bierzo terrain makes the region enjoy a very peculiar, temperate and sub-humid micro-climate determined by the association of the Atlantic and Mediterranean influence with nicer temperatures in border areas without extreme peaks or late frosts. The average annual temperature is around 12.4 ° C in summer and 22º C. This makes it later vintage Leon Castilian over other denominations and red wines that are softer and velvety, with fine tear. The predominant grape variety in them is the Mencia, native.

Mencia is named after the indigenous red variety of Bierzo. Introduced and cultivated mainly in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula since the time of ancient Rome. After recovering from the disaster of the phylloxera epidemic of the late nineteenth century and caused a serious economic crisis in its traditional growing areas, is used for the production of aromatic and fruity wines of intense color, and breeding possibilities. The variety produces small, compact bunches, with medium-sized berries ellipsoidal in shape, regular in cross section, of thick skin. Juices or musts are colorless, with a high sugar content but low acidity, especially those resulting from more mature fruits. The red wines made from grapes Mencia, known for their aging ability, with a characteristic velvety palate, without neglecting the optimal conditions for this variety in developing young reds.

Godello is a white Spanish variety of grapevine (Vitis vinifera). It is native to the Bierzo and Galicia, specifically the banks of the river Sil. It has clusters of medium size and dense. The berries are medium sized and yellowish-green. It is a plant sensitive to powdery mildew. It is a grape of great quality and very aromatic. It produces balanced wines, a graduation about 12.5% of straw yellow; clear floral and fruity aromas (apple). It is the main variety in the Denomination of Origin Bierzo and Valdeorras.

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