Tinto Reserva Número Uno de Pérez Veros

36 months of aging, with a minimum of 12 months in French and American oak barrels.

Selected vintage of our farm the Blancares by its optimal alcoholic-phenolic maturation; the altitude of the vineyard gives it a good balance of acidity; the orography and the formation in glass of the vineyard contribute a high aromatic concentration and of color.

A long maceration is sought to obtain a concentrated base wine; the wine is matured with the finest lees subjected to a batonnage process during a period of 12 months.

Limited edition with numbered bottles.

Deep red cherry color.

Toasted bread and spice notes (clove, pepper and a light cinnamon background) and a cocoa background. Memories of tempranillo ripe plum, strawberry and lily.

In the mouth it is fleshy, the entrance is warm and the warm sensation is softened by a glyceric step and silky. It is intense and with a long retronasal.

The farm is located in Aldehorno (Segovia) and surrounding municipalities, and grows different crops, cereals, sunflowers and pulses.

It uses the techniques of conservation tillage, minimum tillage and direct seeding, seeking to ensure sustainable farming and rural development.

It transforms the raw materials it produces. Vine-growing is one of its activities.

It grows the variety Tempranillo, also known as Tinta del País, which it transforms into wine at its winery.

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