Founded in 2008, we are a family company which together with our partners have a broad experience of working in innovative, ecological, and sustainable horticulture.

Our mission is to contribute to the value in our society of people´s health, and well-being and in our surroundings through our respect of the environment by producing high quality ecological products available to consumers.

Our vision is to become a leading company in the niche of ecological food and to work on a global level for all parties interested in the activities of the company.

Our values can be summed up mainly by the creation of value and respect in our society, environment and commitment to corporate social responsibility and a spirit of improvement and working towards achieving a solid work ethic based on integrity and honesty.

Mission, vision and values


To contribute with our effort to create value in our society and surroundings through our respect and integration with our environment by making high quality ecological products available on the market.


To become a recognised leading company in ecological food on an international level.


Respect and the creation of value in society and environment of a sustainable commitment which protect future generations.

Creation of shared value and responsibility as the fundamental way of doing business.

To make a difference to everything we do through our passion, effort and our continual pursuit of excellence.Respect and openness to other cultures and traditions.

Commitment to a solid work ethic based on integrity and honesty.