• Exhibitor: BIOBETICA
  • Organic

Los Bermejales on the farm, located in the hamlet of Cerro Martos, the municipality of Herrera (Sevilla), we produce two types of extra virgin olive oil of high quality. The farm is entirely in organic farming system, following biodynamic methods, using only inputs from the estate.

Putting great care throughout the process so that the result is always an oil of high quality and exquisite taste. The packaging is in cans, which protects it from oxidation caused by light.

Campo Bética is a company located in Malaga, which has more than 20 years dedicated to technical and technological development of products belonging to the food sector in general. With experience, we are starting a new stage of commitment to our customers thus creating bioBética. bioBética is a brand dedicated to the production of organic food, dietary products and natural cosmetics, characterized by not using any chemical that can harm the body or skin.

BioBética commitment to organic food respectful to the environment and health of people, trying to minimize the environmental impact of our company. Other aspects, which bioBética given priority, are investing in R & D and quality control, which starts at our factory to control all stages of production of our products and ending with monitoring and involvement with our customers.

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