• Exhibitor: BADIA VINAGRES
  • Brand name: CASTELL DE GARDENY

Modena Balsamic cream. Carefree and spontaneous

The Modena balsamic cream by Castell de Gardeny is made with different grape varieties from the Italian region of Emilia Romagna. It stands out for the subtle balance between acidity and sweetness. An intense cream full of aromatic nuances that is excellent for making and decorating dishes.

Gastronomy: For all kinds of dishes. Not only to dress but also to decorate.Especially recommended: with foie gras and fig salad.

Presentation: Bottle 250 ml (retailer) and 500 ml (Horeca).

Passion for vinegar

We are a century-old family-run company fully devoted in body and soul to making artisan vinegars of the highest quality.

We love what we do and that is why we do it with a smile.

Since our great great grandfather founded the company, already five generations have continued the tradition of making this great product, and far from going stale, we are experiencing good times.

Only in this way have we been able to extend our range, offering new products that awaken people’s imagination, generate enthusiasm and promote good eating.

Discover our vinegars & bittersweets Castell de Gardeny

Are they from red wine or from white wine? We have both ranges of flavours. One we produce from red wines and the other from white wines. When presenting our product, we offer different formats to suit the different needs of our customers, taking the utmost care over every detail so that the excellence on the inside can be seen from the outside.