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NUESTRA NUEVA MARCA DE ARROZ Y LEGUMBRES GOURMET     Es nuestra marca más joven, exclusivamente creada para productos gourmet y casi exclusivamente para mercados internacionales. Podemos encontrar en formato textil, desde cualquier variedad de arroz , Bomba, Guadiamar, Maratelli, Marisma, etc, hasta legumbres. Garrofon, lentejas, judion, garbanzo, judia verde, etc.  

Located in Sollana, in the Albufera Nature Reserve Arrocerías Antonio Tomás is a modern family-run company, whose products are present in the tables of the 5 continents. We are a great connoisseur and strong advocate of the Valencia rice in its different varieties  elaborating our rice with "Denomination of Origin" "Arroz Valencia".  In constant evolution and with the aim of offering to each consumer its rice We are incorporating new varieties to our range of products, so besides the Bahía-Senia type short grain rice and Bomba Rice both with Denomination of Origin" "Arroz Valencia" , we can offer Brown Rice, Long, Semi-long, Marisma, Maratelli and Carnarolli.... because each recipe requires a type of rice

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