Presentacion Nuevo Producto

Presentación de nuevo producto. Exposición a cargo de nuestro responsable comercial Javier Delgado.

Arrocera del Pirineo is a second degree cooperative, which combines the most important rice producing cooperatives in Aragón (Spain).

The quality of our rice is supported by the following reasons:

1.       Its geographical location, which exploits the extraordinary natural conditions of our lands, the highest latitude and height above sea level of all the rice grown in Spain.

2.       The high purity of our water, clean and cold, directly sourced from the melted snow in the Pyrenees. Water derived from uncontaminated river headstreams.

3.      The professionalism and tradition of our farmers, along with the expertise of the technicians from Arrocera del Pirineo, using sustainable agricultural practices, audited and certified by the relevant entities.

4.      Complete control of the entire production cycle. We have our own mill for husking which ensures the quality of the grain, and the quality of the entire production process and by being a local product, lowers CO2 emissions.

5.      Our rice, always of a single variety, always premium, has at least 95% of whole grains without defects.

·          BRAZALis the brand that commercializes the rice produced and milled by Arrocera del Pirineo.

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