Alentejo Sheep milk cheese

  • Exhibitor: APROSERPA e ADPM
  • Brand name: Queso de leche de oveja de Alentejo (Diversas marcas)

It´s a cured cheese, pure, with a semi-soft and buttery paste and possesses fewor no eyes. It is obtained through a slow draining from the curd after the rawsheep´s cheese coagulates with a thistle´s (Cynara cardunculus L.) infusion. It isfrom a delimited region. Its buttery mass and soft texture, with a musky scent conferred by this milk, ennobles the taste of this cheese giving it a refinement and its own elegance. A cheese that is not forgotten.

The milk used to make this cheese comes from livestock fed on the region's grasslands, one of the most well conserved in Europe. The know-how of master cheese makers, calculated over generations, meets modern and efficient production to meet quality standards and consumer demand.These special conditions gave the protected designation of origin (PDO), since 1996, in a cheese with an exquisite taste incomparable.

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