Potato chips in olive oil without salt

Ingredients: Potatoes, Olive Oil.

Comments: Gluten Free, GMO Free

Available format: Bags of 150 g (5.31oz) in boxes of 10 Units

The history of Aperitivos de Añavieja began in 1997 when our Manager, Mr. Emilio Zamora Sainz, a descendant of a family of potato farmers from Soria (Spain) began manufacturing potato chips under the brand name “Artesanas de Añavieja”.A year later we started selling the first organic potato chips in Spain.Since our foundation, we have been expanding our product range with popcorn and pork rinds while maintaining our artesanal production methods.Today our company is strong and highly recognisable, improving daily without losing sight of our goal of providing natural, quality products. We have 70 hectares for conventional potato planting and 80 hectares for planting organic potato and corn.We have the IFS food safety standard guaranteeing the highest quality in our products and safety during the production process.We advocate organic farming as the basis of our development, practicing it in conditions approved by the regional regulatory body, in our case, CAECYL (the Organic Farming Council of Castilla y Leon).

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