Miguel Angel Revilla, Presidente de Cantabria, promocionando los productos de la región y entregando a SS.MM. los Reyes anchoas de CODESA, SAL ROSA-EDICIÓN LIMITADA, durante la pasada edición de FITUR

Conservas CODESA, is located on the shores of the Cantabrian Sea in the fishing village of Laredo (Cantabria), an area regarded worldwide as the "Cradle of the top-quality Anchovies

We produce semi-preserved and preserved fish, since 1976. Our specialty is the Anchovy from the Cantabric Sea in olive oil. The traditional and artisan methods remain in our products and we select the best raw materials, and produce 100% of products at our factory in Laredo These factors and many others led us to achieve a great prestige in the sector.

Conservas CODESA   is nowadays a 3rd generation familiar company, led by its Manager Director – Mr. Jose Luis Ortiz, President of the Canned Fish Producers´ Association of Cantabria. Our factory is open to current time, and has a wide view of the market. Equipped with excellent technology and a highly-specialized team, jealously preserving a profound tradition of the anchovies.  

Our plant has modern facilities with better monitoring and control systems that meet the standards required by the EC and the IFS (International Food Standard) and BRC (British Retail Consortium), both qualified with “A” and “High Level”. Hereby, please also find our HACCP certificate.  

In such a competitive industry, we noticed over the years that costumers know how to appreciate a good product. For these reasons, we produce our products with the best raw materials, using expert hands with the “know how” of a true “Master of the Anchovies” -Mr. Julián Fernández-. The result of these elements is a clean, meaty, tender, (but not soft), smooth anchovy, with a texture and a distinctive bouquet that repeats only in the “memory of our taste” and its bouquet reminds us of what we might define as “The Ham of the Sea”!  

The present and future of Conservas CODESA arises from the satisfaction of the consumer, keeping up a quality assurance, product warranty basis, selecting the best raw materials at source. A craft-making and a presentation that references the quality of our products.

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