Fincafe - the organic coffee

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Fincafe - Artisan Blend

Fincafe - Organic Blend

30 years ago, two brothers undertook with enthusiasm and intuition uncharted path. A project to develop their own products for coffee, tea, chocolate, smoothies, granita. THis project  evolves over the years and which arises new products and brands represented by Alma Teas & Herbal Infusions. And  FINCAFE The Artisan Coffee.


Unique blends developed by our own formulas and packaged in biodegradable pyramids. Excellence, quality, elegance and organic, are unique features that are transmitted through the intensity, taste and aroma. More than 40 blends in teas and herbal infusions, with different formats according to the needs of each client. A tradition joins innovation: A pyramid-shaped silk that is made as a whole with 100% biodegradable and natural, GMO free materials. A pyramid ensures accurate weight, the correct space so leaves can expand and get as a result, a correct infusion of their components. Over 10 million pyramids are manufactured every year, committed to respecting the environment and sustainable culture. Teas and herbal infusions that help care for the body, soul and spirit of each of us.


Ground coffee and compatible capsules. Discover the essence of the coffee. Essences that reach you through sensorial experiences and take you to unique places. All our coffees of origin (Colombia, Brazil and Ethiopia) are 100% Arabica. It is naturally, traditionally roasted in our workshop in Sant Fost- Barceona. The coffee also has certified traceability, as Coffee Center’s quality team controls the process that goes from plantation through to the reception in our roasting workshop. Green coffee beans from limited harvests come in from Africa, South America and Asia to be naturally roasted in our roasting workshop in Barcelona - Catalunya. Grains that have been selected for their uniqueness and for their physical and climatic location, that require special care and different weather conditions. Highlighting the intrinsic characteristics of each origin is the result of the work of our artisanal roaster. We respect nature, supporting social action and ensuring traceability with certificates. Quality, aroma and unbeatable flavour that arise from the combination of coffee-making tradition and the most innovative techniques. Create with Fincafe. Design with your essence. Prepare true to your style. True to you. True to a unique, personal cup of coffee.

Microbatches: limited coffee production, that covers a specific area, inside the plantation. Its geo-localised location is certified, along with records of atmospheric and climatic measurements. Unique, singular harvests that do not exceed 2 tonnes of green coffee beans in all.

Special coffees: from selected plantations, whose coffee grains meet the organoleptic characteristics of the place of origin. With certified physical and climatic parameters and location.

Artisan: blends made with coffee originating from Africa, Central and South America. Coffee beans selected using parameters that ensure a top quality cup of coffee. Certified traceability - Organic - Origin - Plantations with sustainable cultivation - Natural Roast

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