Assorted chocolates 34-2, 620 Grs "AURUM"

  • Exhibitor: ABADÍA DE JÁBAGA
  • Brand name: AURUM
  • Sector: BOMBONERÍA
  • Organic Exhibition Area
Caja Aurum with double assortment of our delicious chocolates, two trays, ideal to share with that special person. Box with 68 chocolates. GLUTEN-FREE BOMBONS. 360 grams.

Abadía de Jábaga was born in Cuenca, in 2012, with the intention of producing handicrafts originating from cacao. Joining the taste for the culture of chocolate to that of other added values ??such as cosmetics, pastries or even clothes. Initiated this adventure by a chocolate-loving team, all of us who form it put our effort and good knowledge in each of the products that we elaborate. Our factory of chocolate artisan is located in Jábaga, a spectacular place and free of any contamination that can Alter our products. In addition, Jábaga is a historical population by the passage of one of the Roman roads that joined Segóbriga to Cueva del Hierro, was also step of the cacao transported by the monks of the Monastery of Stone. The religious carried the first beans of America from the port of Seville to the Monastery of Uclés and from there to lands of Aragon, first place of Spain where chocolate was made, reason why in some way the locality Conquense is closely related to the production of this rich sweet.

For us, chocolate is not just a sensation on the palate, we believe that chocolate can bring emotions to the rest of the senses. This is how we want the chocolate experience to come to our customers, as a pleasure that stimulates all their senses. One of our elements of value in Abadía de Jábaga is our commitment that our products are not only bad for health but also beneficial to it. Maximizing the flavor without neglecting the beneficial elements of cocoa. Generating delicious, elegant and healthy products. Abbey of Jábaga becomes in this way a referent of sensations within reach of the whole world