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A Punto is a cooking school, a book shop specialized in cook books and a place where people come to learn about gastronomy and wine. A Punto was born from the desire of its three partners to make Madrid the place where gastronomic culture could have his spreading. Sara Cucala and Ana Lorente, reknown gastronomic journalists, are running the centre and offer their professional knowledge to create the courses. Roberta Bruno, marketing manager and wine sommelier focuses on the international part of the business.The idea came from visiting book shops all over the world and turned into a cultural centre of tasting with cooking lessons, wine tastings, conferences and the newly created gastronomic tours. The pioneering initiative of the gastronomic tours in the neighborhoods of Salamanca district stem from the aim to let people know that not only the historical centre of Madrid is full of gastronomic activities. The whole A Punto space (bookshop, tasting room and two kitchen) is open to the development of cultural activities linked to the world of literature and gastronomy.
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