Finca La Pontezuela is a family farm located in the region of Montes de Toledo, with over 400 hectares dedicated to the cultivation of cereal and olives of the Picual and Cornicabra varieties.

La Pontezuela SL is a company dedicated to the production and distribution of high quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our team of professionals brings all their enthusiasm, effort and dedication in order to achieve the highest quality products and to make them available to our customers in optimal condition. We focus on the quality of our products, main aim of our brand, 5 elementos (five elements).

North of the ecological reserve of Parque de Cabañeros, nature reserve in the heart of Montes de Toledo, extends the olive grove of our family farm: Finca La Pontezuela. Picual olive trees are arranged orderly along the cornicabra trees, highly appreciated variety, characteristic of the region. Los Navalmorales, where our farm is located, is a town which has been devoted to olive growing since ancient times.

The expertise and careful attention to the olive trees have been maintained over time, renewed by the incorporation of the  latest techniques to provide delicious flavor oils -pure olive juice- with important health attributes

The undulating geography of Montes de Toledo, made ??up by its rigorous continental climate, with cold winters and summers of high temperatures, has outlined a surprising green refuge within the plains of La Mancha. On the slopes of the hills, crowned with stones, and in the valleys and plains, extend the olive groves. Its cultivation, introduced by Greeks and Phoenicians, has adapted, generation after generation, to the new environment to procure nowadays an oil with exceptional attributes.

La Pontezuela - Extra Virgin Olive Oils tasting
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