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Gourmets Round Tables

In December 1976, the 1st Round Table on Gastronomy / Grupo Gourmets was held in Madrid in order to discuss the gastronomic industry situation and repercussion at the time. Professionals, experts and lovers of good food gathered, as well as the great representatives of French cuisine, such as Paul Bocuse and Raymond Oliver, along with national chefs such as Juan Mari Arzak, Pedro Subijana or Nestor Luján, master of gastronomic writers and journalists. This conference initiated the splendour of the national gastronomy and laid the foundations of the New Spanish Cuisine.

The 2nd Round Table on Gastronomy / Grupo Gourmets was held in November of 1977 under the slogan "Regional Cuisines", with the special collaboration of the Basque Guild of Gastronomy. Attendees included Pierre Troisgros, Michael Guerard, José María Busca Isasi and Luis Irizar, among others.

The 3rd Round Table on Gastronomy / Grupo Gourmets took place in November of 1978. A hundred participants, more than twice as many attendees as in previous meetings, endorsed the validity of the Gourmets Club initiative. Under the slogan "The Products", the speakers included Pedro Subijana, Alain Senderens, Alain Chapel and Paul Schiff, among others.

The 4th Round Table on Gastronomy moved to Marbella in 1979, under the heading "The Restaurant: Management Optimization". Speakers included Zino Davidoff, Pierre Laporte and Alfonso de Hohenlohe.

The 5th Round Table on Gastronomy took place in 2016, year in which the Hall of Gourmets celebrated its 30th anniversary. Under the slogan "1976 - 2016: 40 years of evolution, Origin, Present and Future", these lectures were divided into 4 parts due to the range of topics to be discussed: gastronomy, wine, communication and product. A unique opportunity to learn about the opinions and experiences of great experts in the agri-food sector.

The 4th Gastronomy Round Table held in 2018 was a meeting between the thought leaders of gastro-enology that discussed about the Communication Platforms, the importance of Hotel Trade Schools and one of the hottest topics of the moment, Climate Change and its effect on the different agri-food sectors: the rural area, viticulture and wineries, livestock and derived products and fisheries.

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