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Our History

Grupo Gourmets was born in 1976 when the first issue of Gourmets Club was published, the first magazine in Spain dedicated to gastronomy, wine and travel.

It was then when it set the foundation as an editorial group and in 1983 it created another publication dedicated exclusively to wine, the Gourmets Wine Guide, The Best in Spain.

As a veteran among specialized publications in the viticultural sector, it offers the possibility of incursioning in the fascinating world of wine, wineries, specialized stores, wine areas, etc. Issue 37 features the characteristics and prices of 3,460 wines tasted blind, 2,501 with comments and ratings and 1,107 wineries, among many other features.

In 1986 it created the Gourmets Wine Club and years later the Cupboard, an exclusive circle with more than 6,100 members who month after month receive all the information related to wine selection and gastronomic products by the Tasting Committee.

Another of the great milestones in the history of Grupo Gourmets was the 1st Hall of Gourmets in 1987, the most important European fair devoted to high-end products, an essential meeting for professionals in the sector attended by 73 exhibitors and 8,000 visitors.

In its 35 edition, held in April of 2022, 1,611 exhibitors participated with 40,000 products and 1,600 novelties, and 80,421 professionals attended.

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